Frequently asked questions / FAQ about the Fishven Uri app

Does the app work in places where there is no internet connection?

YES - All data entered is temporarily stored on your smartphone until an Internet connection can be established again. can be established again. The data is then automatically transmitted to the the fisheries management.

What happens when my smartphone runs out of battery?

In accordance with the applicable fishing regulations, the license and the fishing fishing statistics must be presented to the supervisory bodies at all times when be presented to the supervisory authorities at all times. If the battery of your smartphone battery fails and you do not have a printed e-fishing license with emergency e-fishing license with emergency statistics that you can refer to, you may you will not be allowed to continue fishing. All fishermen are responsible for responsible for ensuring that they are able to produce the patent and the current catch at all times. This also applies to keeping statistics with the the Fishven Uri app.

Do I still need to keep paper fishing statistics if I use the app?

NO - The fishing app replaces the paper statistics. If you keep the catch statistics via the fishing app, it is not necessary to keep the parallel keeping of the paper statistics is not necessary.

Can I also switch from the paper statistics to the app during the season?

NO - A change from the paper statistics to the fishing app or vice versa is not possible during the validity of the respective patent is not possible.

What data from the app is transmitted to the fisheries management?
  • -
    Start and end time of the event
  • -
    Water body number of the fished water body
  • -
    Type of fish, size and time of catching a caught fish
Can I change/delete recorded events in the app afterwards?

NO - Once an event has been saved, it can neither be be changed or deleted. As soon as an event has been saved has been saved, it is sent to the AFI and appears in your archive.

I forgot to start the app when I started fishing. Can a fishing event be recorded afterwards?

YES - It is possible to record a catch event subsequently. record. In principle, however, the app must be used in accordance with the regulations. started at the beginning of the fishery and stopped after completion. stopped after completion. Caught fish must also be recorded directly after the catch. recorded immediately after the catch.

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