A platform for sustainable and modern fisheries management

The Fishven platform consolidates previously heterogeneous data in a central database. It offers modern data entry applications for the different user groups. It allows efficient reporting and other administrative tasks.

Numerous Services (functions and applications) are available for daily fisheries management tasks.

The Analysis and Workflow Management offers efficient processes and evaluations for the individual task areas, e.g. catch statistics or damage incidents.

The Data pool integrates and combines different data and sources into a homogeneous basis.

Incorporate different Data sources from flat files and external databases (e.g. csv, Access) or applications provided by Fishven (e.g. catch statistics app)

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Catch statistics app

Fish Inspection App

Administration Tool

The Fishven platform provides fisheries management-specific elements as well as strategic and operational functionalities.

One platform

Platform for monitoring, analysis and measures for active care and management of aquatic life. The integration of various data sources provides a holistic view of modern fisheries management tasks. In addition, various functions can be used to meet individual needs.


The built-in biodiversity indicator helps measure and monitor pressures or threats, fish and ecosystem health, and conservation measures for individual and whole waters, such as protecting important areas.


Coverage of water-related legal regulations and fishing regulations. Involvement in the process or communication to fishermen (e.g. compliance with a fishing window or start of season).

Fisheries Management

Comprehensive functions, e.g. catch statistics, stocking, damage incidents,
and fish movements. Thanks to the data integration and the various evaluation options, measures can be initiated immediately and medium-term developments can be identified. Operators can inform directly via push messages.

Modular structure

Every function in the Fishven platform can be activated as a module. This gives you an individual, tailored solution for decision making - where you need it.


Our experienced project and developer team is specialized in the requirements of authorities and organizations. The latest security standards and data management according to DSGVO are complied with. The system offers a modular and standardized IT infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology including API capability. 


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