Fishven ensures sustainable sport fishing internationally through digitalisation. Requirements from authorities and organizations are in line with the wishes of the fishing community.  

Who we are

Fishven is the all-in-one digital solution for sustainable sport fishing. 

The core function is digital catch statistics. 

Regulatory requirements of the authorities are combined with statistical long-term evaluations for the protection of waters and biodiversity.

The focus is also on intuitive use with many interesting additional functions for the private user.


The system consists of three elements and, as a holistic solution, is aimed at both operators and private users, i.e. fishermen:

    1. Administration-WebApp (Operator)
    2. Mobile-App (Fisherman/woman + Operator)
    3. Community-WebApp (Fisherman/woman)*


Efficient, real-time and ecological characterize our holistic catch statistics process. Central component: the mobile app. The intuitive design and handling avoids errors in recording. Paper and mailing become superfluous. All in the spirit of sustainability.  


Thanks to the real-time digital catch statistics and the various evaluation options, measures can be initiated immediately and medium-term developments can be identified.  Operators can inform directly via push messages, e.g. rule changes or acute danger. 


Coverage of all regulatory requirements regarding catch statistics and stock control for each water section. The extended data through additional functions or specifications support research and environmental protection.  

Cost controll

Fishven has a transparent and fair pricing.  The system can be implemented quickly and efficiently and reduces high resource requirements on the customer side. You have complete budget control through professional project management and pricing model. Catalog maintenance (waters, rules, etc.) without ongoing external consulting effort. 


Our experienced project and developer team is specialized in requirements of authorities and organizations. The latest security standards and data management according to DSGVO are maintained. The system offers modular and standardized IT infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology including API capability. 

Benefits and Joy

Users are actively involved in the process and play an important role in the sustainable use of nature and its resources. Personalized "catch archives" and various evaluations are possible. Other functions such as bait boxes, equipment, knowledge or community network will follow soon. 

 *Beta-Phase; planned launch in 2022 

Mobile App - Screenshots

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Fishven is software by NoBozo Lab GmbH. A software and consulting company specialized in technology and digitalization. 

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