Digital fish inspection - efficient processes and data acquisition

An app for the tasks of fish inspection. Supports the digitisation of processes and data collection for more efficient administration. The app includes various applications, including stocktaking, stocking, damage incidents, or inspections.

One app for the different tasks

Controls and administrative fines

Checks are an important part of active situation management. Targeted and clear verification of the data of event, catches and patents in good standing. In case of violation, an administrative fine can be issued.


Record the population in the waters easily and quickly (no transfer or media breaks). Automatic calculation of biomass and other indicators. Recording can be done with or without an internet connection, comparison of previous inventories.

Record damage incidents

Record damage that has occurred to water bodies or fish, e.g. fish injuries caused by otters, and by means of various input options (including text, images, video). Categorization, localization and initial assessment of damage incidents by the fish inspectorate. Automatic reporting to the authority and fish administration with the recorded data.

Other planned applications

  • -
    Natural spawning 
  • -
    Spawning ground mapping
  • -
  • -
    Success control stocking
  • -
    Fish ladder
  • -
    Breeding activity
  • -
    Report fish kill
  • -
    Workflow management, e.g. complete assigned tasks


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